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American Bat Removal, founded in 2004 by bat removal specialist David Diaz, is a Florida based family owned conservation company specializing in the humane removal of bats from homes, buildings and other man-made structures


Backed by a 2 year warranty on our bat removal service, we guarantee to get rid of your bats and keep them out for good!


We are the bat removal specialist near me preferred by local Pest Control companies and County Animal Control services.

It is illegal to kill bats in Florida in accordance with Florida Administrative Code number 68A-4.001 General Prohibitions and 68A-9.010 Taking Nuisance Wildlife. The use of pesticides or poisons for the purpose of harming, killing, or deterring bats is prohibited in the state of Florida. Intentionally hurting or killing them can result in fines of up to $1,000 per bat.

We are equipped to provide services for both residential and commercial bat removal. Our professionals are ready to educate customers to ensure their safety. Our years of experience guarantee that bat removal is successful and deters the bats from returning. American Bat Removal was built on customer satisfaction and continues that commitment.

Most Florida residents are unaware of the fact that bats exist in their communities. In Florida, 19 different species of bats account for about 1/4 of the mammal population. Of the 19 species, 10 different species inhabit homes, buildings and other man-made structures. Bat infestations occur when a large colony takes residence in your home or building. Large amounts of droppings (bat guano) accumulate on entryways, porches, cars, and other areas where they may come in contact with humans on a daily basis. Offensive urine-like, musk infestations are generally noticeable and cause stains that are oil based and difficult to remove. An average size colony of Mexican free-tailed bats, which is one of the more common species found in Florida, averages about 200 bats. A successful colony will double in size every year. Serious bat infestations will occur if left untreated a small colony could become a health hazard within a couple of years. Call us for a quality and reliable bat removal service near you!

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