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Bat Removal Service Specialists

American Bat Removal was founded in 2004 by owner David Diaz. We are a Florida-based family-owned conservation organization specializing in the humane removal of bats from homes, buildings and other man-made structures.

Our Mission: Bat Conservation

Our bat removal service company that specializes in Florida is committed to the use of safe and humane methods to ensure that no bats are harmed during the process. Alongside our goal to protect bats, we also dedicate ourselves to ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Learn About Bats: Infestation

19 different species of bats account for approximately one-fourth of Florida’s mammal population. 10 of those species inhabit residential and commercial structures. When a large colony takes residence in your home or building, large amounts of droppings accumulate in areas where they may come in contact with humans on a daily basis. Offensive urine-like, musk infestations are usually noticeable and cause oil-based stains that are difficult to remove. Mexican free-tailed bats, one of the more common species found in Florida, averages about 200 bats per colony. A successful colony doubles in size every year. An untreated small colony can become a health hazard within a couple years and cause serious problems.

Do Bats Carry Diseases?

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Histoplasmosis and rabies are the two main potential diseases to look out for in bats. Rabies, although only found in less than .5% of bats, can pose a threat if found and approached. Rabid bats behave differently than most bats and thus, typically easier to identify. They tend to roost alone with eyes closed or half-closed and may collide with objects while flying during the day. Upon approach, they may flap their wings, chirp loudly, and even possibly bite. On the other hand, histoplasmosis is a fungal disease that can cause humans respiratory problems.It is contracted by inhaling the spores of Histoplasma capsulatum, a natural fungus found in warm, humid soil. The seriousness of the infection can vary. In few cases, victims have become seriously ill or died.

Signs You Need Our Bat Removal Service

The signs of a bat infestation are rather self-evidentiary, but are still helpful to point out. Visuals signs are the bats themselves that may leave and return around sunset and sunrise, respectively, guano (possibly on walls and windows), and brown-grey oil-based stains. Other signs can be recognized by small or hearing. Bats leave a musky smell and communicate in an audible chirping chatter.

Common Bat Hideouts

    • Tile Roofs: Most bats live underneath tiled roofs, particularly barrel tiles or “Spanish Style,” are the preferred type. They find a small opening. Then once under, the bats can spread out as needed. Most bats prefer lighter colored tiles in the summer and darker colored tiles in the winter.

    • Cedar Shake Roofs. Cedar shake is another roof which bats often roost in. With these roofs, bats can only roost under the ridge caps. Ridge tiles overlap each other, forming a tunnel that is a premiere place for bats to establish a colony. Entrance to the ridge caps can be found anywhere along the entire length of the ridge. Often, there can be several entrances, so locating the bats is important to avoid trapping bats in the roost.

    • Asphalt Shingle Roofs. Asphalt shingle tiles are glued to one another so it is impossible for bats to crawl underneath them. Bats are most likely to roost behind gaping fascia boards or in gaps or holes in the soffit area of the roof. Bats would have access to the attic, but most bats stay in close range to their entrance and exit hole, and seldom wander around the attic freely.

    Metal Tin Roofs. Bats usually roost under the ridge caps of metal tin roofs and occasionally may find a gap where roof sections may overlap. Metal roofs tend to heat up faster than tiles so bats may favor this type of roof around winter months.
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bat removal services melbourne

Length of Bat Removal

Many factors can affect the length of a bat removal project. Factors to consider include type of services required, size of bat colony, and building structure.

Cost Of Bat Removal

Once again, the cost of a project can vary. However, we can provide a free estimate. Factors that can influence cost are number of services needed, type of services needed, and time since the initial infestation.

Best Bat Removal Service Available in Melbourne

We guarantee the best. Backed by a 2-year warranty, we ensure riddance of bats upon removal. We are also backed by local Pest Control companies and County Animal Control services who prefer our service.

Organization Memberships

We are members of the following organizations.


  • National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
  • National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM)
  • Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA)
  • Florida Bat Conservancy
  • Florida Animal Control Association
  • Bat Conservation International

Who Removes The Bats?

Bats are removed by our equipped professionals with the knowledge to ensure the safety of the bat and the safety of the customer, too, by taking any necessary precautionary steps. Successful bat removal guarantees that bats will not return. We continually make this commitment.

When Is Bat Removal Not Allowed?

Bat removal services are not available or allowed during Bat Maternity Season (April 15th – August 15th). Mother bats breastfeed and their removal will cause their babies to starve to death. Moreso, bats give birth to one pup a year so killing the babies would seriously deplete the bat population. Bats are on the protected species list. Intentional harm of bats is against the law. Heavy penalties and fines could be implemented if charged.

Bat Removal Services

Our bat removal specialists recognize bat colonies and use their training to apply the best solutions. The proper steps must be taken to work against the extremely territorial nature of bats and to prevent persisting or increased problems. Our professionals first visually confirm the bat colonies, which can be made easier by taking notice of signs such as bat chirpings, smell, guano, or staining. Following the removal, most side problems (such as the smell, guano, and staining) subside on their own, but we do make certain recommendation, such as using bleach products and grease removers on the stains and replacing insulation in attics to further eliminate odors. Our services are available residentially and commercially.