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We are a licensed and insured bat conservation company specializing in commercial bat removal from buildings, schools, stadiums and other man-made structures around the state of Florida

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Learn more about bats. When do they nest? Do they pose any health hazards? What damage can they do to your home/business? We aim to educate the public about these unique mammals.

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We are experienced in recognizing bat colonies and are thoroughly trained to ensure the best solution is initiated. Bats are extremely territorial and must be extracted by a professional.

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We are dedicated to high quality work which distinguishes American Bat Removal from the others. Our goal is not only to protect Florida’s bat population but to ensure our customers satisfaction as well. Bat extermination is not an option, as bats are a protected species. Bat control is the best outcome. We are the best solution to your search for “bat removal near me”!

What You Need to Know About Bat Removal

Most people think that bats are dangerous animals that hunt at night for their preys and suck their blood. Although some species of bats exist that drink animal blood, most of them aren’t bloodsuckers; in fact, they’re shy animals that stay away from humans and only come out in the night time to hunt insects and eat them. There are also some species of bats that are vegetarian, and some eat small animals. However, if one of these gets inside your house or building, there can be some consequences if you don’t remove them quickly. Many Bat species are nocturnal, means that they hunt for food at night and rest during the day. Places that the bats roost during the day vary. Different species of bats roost in, and it depends upon where they find being comfortable. Here are some problems you could face if a bat starts to roost at your place:

  • Bat flying around the house
  • Noise inside the house or building due to bats screeching.
  • Bad odor spreading throughout the house or apartment due to droppings.
  • Possibility of the bat biting
  • Fear of diseases spreading because of the bats

Bats use special techniques to navigate through the dark at night when they go out to look for food. They use a technique called echolocation. Bats let out high-pitched chirps and receive sonar returns of the chirp to evaluate the surrounding objects around them. These bat chirps are high sounds that could disturb you a lot if a bat starts to stay inside your home. There are many species of bats, and they come in many sizes as well. Living habitats of bats vary with various species. The following are some species of bats that are commonly found in the United States:

  • Little Brown Bats
  • Big Brown Bats
  • Mexican Free-Tail Bats

These bats roost at night and look for prey in the day. Some of them roost in eaves and attics and some in caves and trees. These bats often crawl into houses through holes or pipes. As they’re tiny creatures, they can fit anywhere. They also live in colonies inside the attics of homes very often. Female bats also set maternity colonies inside people’s homes, and it becomes challenging to remove these.

Why do we recommend calling professionals for help?

Having bats inside of your house for even a day can be very dangerous for you and your family. Bats have been found to be directly involved in spreading some perilous diseases. A bats bite can cause rabies to develop inside the person’s body that got bit. In America, more cases of rabies are due to Bat bites. Rabies can cause death if not taken care of early. The bat droppings are not only foul smelling, but they can spread a disease called Histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis occurs from the dung of the bat that is also called Guano, and it can be a severe illness if not treated right away. Apart from those, bats are also associated with causing other diseases, but the ones mentioned are most commonly found in the United States.

So, always be sure to call professional pest control company in Palm City, Melbourne or New Smyrna Beach whenever you think there is a bat problem in your house instead of dealing with the issue yourself because it can be very dangerous for you and the bat as well. Trying to remove a bat or a colony is not recommended for an inexperienced person to do by themselves. It requires great knowledge about the habitats and species of bats and the right equipment to remove the bats safely. DIY repellents are also not recommended to use to get rid of bats. These repellents have high concentrations of chemicals that can be harming to the animals, and you don’t want to kill the bats. You just want to remove them safely.

Is there a Bat removal near me?

If a bat or colonies of bats have manifested your house, then the first thing you should be thinking is, “Is there a bat removal near me?”. The answer to that question is: Yes, there is! We are the best bat removal company in the Treasure Coast and we have got the experience to prove it. Our professional pest removers are trained and know about bat behaviors like no other. We guarantee safe removal of the bats in your house and the safety of your family is our priority too. Contact us as soon as you can when you think you have a bat living inside of your house to be on the safe side. Attempting to remove a bat on your own is a dangerous thing to do and should be avoided at all costs.

What steps do we take for bat removal?

There are a number of steps that are taken to remove bats safely from your house or building and here they are:

  • The first step is the inspection step. This step is taken very seriously by us, and we take precaution in approaching the bats’ habitat that they have placed inside your house. Our experienced professionals inspect your attic and figure out how many bats have been roosting inside it.
  • In the second step, our expert bat removal professionals inspect to see which species of bats have manifested your place and if it’s a colony or not. The right knowledge is very crucial to identify the kind of bats to remove them from your home safely.
  • The third step is to exclude the bats from their roosting place. Experienced professionals carefully let the bats fly away from your house not harming them at all in the process.
  • The fourth step is to seal up the open spaces in your house from which the bats could enter again. This is the only way of stopping them from roosting in your home ever again. The sealing process is nicely handled by our professionals so that you won’t have bat problems again.
  • The final and the most important step is the cleaning of the roosting place of the bats. The droppings of the bats left at your home are very harmful to your health, and only professionals should remove them. Bat guano can spread various diseases and should be removed as soon as possible.

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